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Making spaces safer. For everyone.

There are very few things better than a safe and neat home to turn to. But it’s a blessing, one that requires regular maintenance. This becomes more important as the number of people in your family start increasing, as high-activity areas like the kitchen tend to attract more dirt. That helps germs grow, and if you don’t clean it regularly, everyone will start falling sick.

A professional residential disinfection service in Los Angeles goes beyond what a regular DIY cleaning would do. It cleans your space and then also disinfects at the end, to make sure your home is left safe from viruses that could seriously compromise your health. During the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, we have been quite active to help clean up homes, offices, and more. This has helped us build a team that is responsive to cater to emergencies, and to increase our efficiency and get more cleaning solutions and equipment.

TZ Disinfecting Services uses only EPA-Registered cleaning products to make sure your home is pet-safe too. Your kids and loved ones are in safe hands when you hire us!

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We are a disinfection service in Los Angeles covering all key industries, including: