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Expand Your Business in COVID Era: Let’s be Partner in Success!

Environmental Safety through Science and Technology

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In this chaotic era, it’s imperative to stay aware of all latest advancements and equipment to keep your premise healthy and germ-free. This can be possible when you connect with ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association in Los Angeles, US.

Alike TZ Disinfecting services, ISSA leads many other reputable cleaning services in the industry worldwide, with more than 10,500 distributors. You can strengthen your business by being a member of this elite cleaning association.


ISSA only aims to expand your business with the help of cleaning tools and effective disinfecting services. Whether you’re a residential or commercial business owner, an advanced cleaning service can make your home and working premise secure for everyone.


How They Can Be Helpful?

ISSA helps businesses in several ways. Most importantly, they educate business owners about the latest trends in the cleaning industry and how they can apply them to their own companies.

Additionally, ISSA offers members access to a wide range of resources, including best practices, studies, and white papers.

Perks of Being a Member of ISSA

Here are some best reasons how ISSA can help you grow your business;

  • ISSA also provides networking opportunities. This allows business owners to connect with other professionals in the cleaning industry and learn from their experiences.
  • ISSA can help businesses find new customers and partners. By connecting businesses with potential customers and partners, ISSA helps them grow and expand their reach.
  • ISSA provides many benefits and discounts to its members. This includes discounts on products, services, and events.
  • Additionally, members can access exclusive offers and deals from ISSA partners. This allows businesses to save money on the products and services they need to run their company.
As you can see, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association provides many valuable services to business owners.
ISSA can help you reach your goals.

Best Example – The TZ Disinfecting Services

We take pride in being a member of this World Wide Cleaning Association, this ensures we’re experts in the field. Our mission is to help people live healthier lives by fighting the spread of infection and sickness in Los Angeles communities with our disinfection services.

Our cleaning fleet includes; service vans & mobile trucks. We have been quite active in curbing the spreading of the deadly Coronavirus-19. As part of our health-conscious campaign, we use an EPA-registered product called Vital Oxide. It is a ready-to-use product that does not require any mixing.

TZ Disinfecting Services is a member of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), a leading global cleaning industry trade association.

Reason to Choose Us

There’s not one, but plenty of valid reasons why you must consider us for your home/business cleaning. We can;

  • Help protect your health, your family, employees, and customers.
  • Improves both surface and overall air quality by eliminating the spread of germs
  • Reach 100% surface coverage from every crack and crevice
  • Provide skilled, certified, and professional infection control experts.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, no contracts we earn your business.
  • We only use green products that are EPA registered and NSF certified safe for food surfaces with no rinse and no wipe needed.

If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced, and professional cleaning company, look no further than TZ Disinfecting Services. Contact us today to learn more about our services. We can help your business grow and keep it safe during these uncertain times.